Monday, 24 November 2014

Meet the Bloosey family


There's a couple of friends I'd like you to meet.  The Bloosey family.

They are generally known as Mr. & Mrs. Bloosey...but on occasion have been the Bloosey brothers, twins, sisters, cousins etc...
Mrs. Bloosey on the left wasn't always a Mrs (see how the Mr. has his arm around her?  He's protective like that.  He's a keeper).  She was given to Reeve on her 1st birthday and lived the single life until last Christmas.  Reeve's desperate wish was that Bloosey become a twin for Christmas.  We looked into it and found that Bloosey was no longer made.  It was a retired stuffy.
We searched further on eBay after a friend suggested this route.  We found her twin in Atlanta, Georgia. She was bought and shipped out immediately and we did a happy dance.

After the Bloosey twins were united, we thought perhaps we could do a little better.  Enter a fabulously talented friend, Angie of Button Up Boutique.  We asked her if perhaps she could make a "Bloosey bag" and some clothes for the twins.  She DELIVERED.

A beautiful messenger style bag, made of the softest material and filled to the brim with outfits made from her material scrap bin.

You will never see a better dressed Blue Moose in church, I tell you.  Never. And they never worry about the cold....having been made a most lovely knit toque (made to accommodate those grand antlers of course) and a selection of lace infinity scarves.

This year?  We thought, maybe we'd get them somewhere to sleep.  They are usually lovingly tucked into a bin or basket...whatever Reeve can find quickly at the end of the day.  We picked up this sweet bed from IKEA.  It has been stained and is awaiting it's bedding guessed it, Angie.  She immediately agreed to make up some linens, a duvet cover and a knitted throw for the end of the bed.  A knitted throw is always necessary, you know.  

To say that we are excited for Reeve to open this gift is an understatement.  She will be SO thrilled.  Many thanks to Angie for generously agreeing to make this for us...she is a busy woman running her shop, raising and schooling her 4 kids and being a fantastic wife and homemaker.  Angie...thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  We're pretty sure the Bloosey family will be thrilled as well.  In they are.  All smiles and waiting for their comfy bedding.  In their respective nightwear, of course.

 What about you?  Any super awesome gifts you're excited to give your kids?  We do our fair share of shopping at the mall and big box stores, but it's great to support our local artisans and talented friends as well! 

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