Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Painting Progress

We did it!  We made some significant progress in Riley's room.  We have a long ways to go, but for now...we're happy :)  A couple weekends ago, we decided that we just had to take the plunge.  Stop planning for the perfect weekend, etc....just DO IT.  So, Friday night we prepped Riley's room and emptied it out.  Last time I checked in, it looked a little like this...

But after emptying, patching and sanding...

 It looks like this...

I think this photo is after one coat...looks a little blotchy here.  Regardless, it is a wonderful, calm gray.  I am currently working on the last coat of paint for her dresser re do and we're rather happy with it's results (and can't wait to put her clothes away!!).

Next up:  this horrid light needs to go.  Hopefully SOON!  Aaaand, if you pan out...we've still got a lot of other things to work on too ;)

And in other news....we decided to use up what primer we had in the house, and put Riley to work while she was banned from her room.  She finished 4 shelves for the pantry before running out of primer....ah well, it's a start!!

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