Friday, 21 March 2014

March break 2014

This years March break was exciting for us.  I had the whooooole week off this year!  Something that hasn't happened in quite some time, but will hopefully be happening from now on.  It was luxurious.  We slept in, cleaned up, relaxed, shopped, drank cup after cup of tea and generally just recharged.  Our summer holiday last year was very busy and our Christmas break was anything but relaxed (except if you count laying in bed between trips to the bathroom while fighting the flu) and so it felt like AGES since we just "relaxed".  No schedule, no appointments, no alarm get the idea.

We decided that Friday we would do something to make March break "special".  We were invited to go to Colassantis with some family and took them up on the invite.  We hadn't been there since March of 2009 ~ right after Sterling closed and Henry lost his job.  Boy, have things changed since then!  In fact this is what our youngest daughter looked like back then....and looks like now. 

How about another comparison?  Here is Tanner with his cousin Zac, five years ago:

Fast forward 5 years...

It's true.  Time flies.

And one know, since comparisons are fun.

This boy was definitely showing his years ;-)

We had a splendid day, complete with beautiful sunshiney weather for driving.

Sometimes I look at this boy, and I can feel my heart melting.  

While growing up, I always visited Colassantis on the Easter long weekend with my family.  Every year my brother and I were allowed to pick out a small cactus.  So, I let my kids do the same.  Reeve was proud to find the only one with a flower and Logan affectionately named his "Spike".


On our way home, we decided to break up the two hour drive by going to the Blenheim pool for their 2 hour family swim.  We stopped first in Chatham to surprise a friend with a Slurpee!  If you don't know my friend Jen, you should.  You can say hi over here and if your local, you could bring her a Slurpee.  You see, she's expecting a sweet baby(!) and she needs Slurpees.  Needs know how it is.  We also whisked her lovely daughter Hadassah away with us, to spend some time swimming and we're glad we did!  They had lots of fun :)

"Here Reeve.  Let me help you into the deep end to show me how you go down that slide!"

A great March break!!  Now someone go get that girl a Slurpee.