Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Painting Progress

We did it!  We made some significant progress in Riley's room.  We have a long ways to go, but for now...we're happy :)  A couple weekends ago, we decided that we just had to take the plunge.  Stop planning for the perfect weekend, etc....just DO IT.  So, Friday night we prepped Riley's room and emptied it out.  Last time I checked in, it looked a little like this...

But after emptying, patching and sanding...

 It looks like this...

I think this photo is after one coat...looks a little blotchy here.  Regardless, it is a wonderful, calm gray.  I am currently working on the last coat of paint for her dresser re do and we're rather happy with it's results (and can't wait to put her clothes away!!).

Next up:  this horrid light needs to go.  Hopefully SOON!  Aaaand, if you pan out...we've still got a lot of other things to work on too ;)

And in other news....we decided to use up what primer we had in the house, and put Riley to work while she was banned from her room.  She finished 4 shelves for the pantry before running out of primer....ah well, it's a start!!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Teensy tiny progress

Hmmm....so, our summer to do list.

It's happening.  Ever.So.Slowly.

Truthfully....we are tired.  I think we are experiencing a dose of burnout.

So, we are taking that as a cue to slow down.  We are sleeping in.  Going for more walks.  Drives to the beach.  Not letting the list timeline worry us.  We'll get there....when we're good and ready.

I, in particular, have been fighting a strange virus.  At least that's what I think it is...and it has robbed me of so much energy.  I have an appointment in August...so hopefully I'll have things sorted out by then or shortly after!

With all that being said....we ARE still moving, albeit at a snails pace.  When I posted last, I offered our brown closet organizer and Sarah said she and her soon to be husband would love it.  Her dad Ben and brother Matt came over last week and wonderfully took it off our hands and it has gone to live in PEI with them.  My sincerest and best wishes to them as they start their lives as husband and wife THIS weekend!!

Henry has made progress filling and patching nail holes in the walls and ceilings in Riley's room.  We are planning on making some significant progress this weekend as well.  We are HOPING our physical energy level will match our mental one :)

A wee bit of progress in the pantry as well.

Can you see it?  That tiny strip of drywall.  That's it.  I told you it was a wee bit :)

And the linen closet?  It looks worse than it did.

And staining the shed?  How about we come back to that during summer 2015.

Cheers to taking the burnout cue and burning the timeline.